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Type of Treatment
Fee (THB)
Regular Check-up & Consultation 100
Intraoral X-ray 800/film
Night Guard 3,000/tooth
Study Model 1,000
Professional Teeth Cleaning 800-2,000
Fluoride Application 500
Sealant 500-800/tooth
1 surface filling-Amalgum 600-1,000/tooth
2 surfaces filling 700-800 800-1,500/tooth
3 surfaces filling 900-1,200 1,500-2,000/tooth
Diastema Closure (Space Closure) 1,800-2,500/tooth
Canine over Contouring 1,000/tooth
Diamond Implantation 800/tooth
Root Canal Treatment
Front Tooth 4,000-6,000/tooth
Back Tooth (premolars) 6,000-8,000/tooth
Back Tooth (molars) 8,000-12,000/tooth
Simple Tooth Extraction 600-800/tooth
Complicated Tooth Extraction 800-1,200/tooth
Surgical Removal of Wisdom Tooth 1,500-4,000/tooth
Acrylic Partial Denture Base 1,500+800/tooth
Metal Partial Denture Base 8,000+500/tooth
Valplast Base 8,500+800/tooth
Full Denture: Acrylic base 16,000-20,000/piece
Metal-Ceramic Crown
Standard Crown 9,000/tooth
2% Gold x tooth
54% Gold Crown x tooth
High Gold Crown x tooth
All Ceramic Crown (Metal free)
Empress E-max 13,500/tooth
Procera 13,500/tooth
Zirconia (Cercon) 14,000 /tooth
Standard Bridge 9,000/tooth
2% Gold x tooth
54% Gold Bridge x tooth
High Gold Bridge x tooth
Empress Bridge 13,500/tooth
Procera Bridge 13,500/tooth
Zirconia Bridge 14,000/tooth
Composite Veneer 4,000/tooth
Ceramic Veneer Empress Esthetic 12,000/tooth
Ceramic Veneer E-Max 12,000/tooth
Implant (Many brands) 40,000-55,000/tooth
Cool Light 3,900
Home Whitening Kit 2,900
Laser Whitening 4,300
Zoom Whitening 8,500
Regular Orthodontics Treatment 35,000-40,000
Retainer 2,000-2,500/piece

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